We are different. We are meaningful.

We all know traditional greeting cards are impersonal. Authenticity has been replaced with mass-produced convenience that poorly articulates your true feelings. We felt the world needed something better and waited long enough for someone else to make it happen, so we did it ourselves.

Love, You Greetings revives the art of handwritten affection. Our cards pair captivating photography with an inspirational quotation, igniting the desire to express your own thoughtful message. Write something special. Bring joy, comfort, celebration, and encouragement into being and nurture your connection with those you love. After all, receiving a meaningful handwritten note is like receiving a big warm hug!

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A hug for the environment too

Love, You Greetings celebrates meaningful relationships we have with the people in our lives. We also celebrate our bond with the environment, and have carefully selected each component of our cards.

100% Post Consumer Waste

We’re dedicated to using recycled materials

tiny carbon footprint

Raw card stock, no harmful coatings or finishes

100% Veggie-Based Eco Inks

No petroleum-based inks like other companies

15 times less waste

We produce 15 times less waste than other companies*

*We use a state-of-the-art press that saves thousands of sheets of paper and hundreds of gallons of fresh water.

a card for many occasions

Because our cards feature photography and quotes that lend themselves to occasions of all kinds, Love, You Greetings cards are extremely versatile.
This means you no longer have to worry about cards being out of season or having a shelf life.


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